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Aktie is an anonymous file sharing, distributed forums and private messaging system using the I2P network.

The official source of Aktie is on GitHub (clearnet), see link below.

This eepsite helps getting hands on Aktie within I2P.

Aktie is written in Java as is the I2P router. Aktie is run without installation. It just creates a directory which is portable.

Aktie Web Viewer

Aktie Web Viewer is a web-based read-only gateway to Aktie. The gateway can be used to view the public communities available in Aktie, the files shared in these communities (file information only), the posts in these communities as well as to read the posts. In the communities overview, the number of posts and files as well as the date of last post/file addition are provided for each community. This way, you can see which communities have content and recent activity.

The Aktie Web Viewer can be reached here

The JAR file of the patched Aktie 0.5.22 with Web Viewer, the source code and the patch file can be found in the mods download section. Please prefer torrent download.

Resources (Local and external links)

Aktie repository on GitHub (CLEARNET link) - The official source of Aktie.

Aktie repository on - I2P internal mirror of the official Git repository.

Aktie on I2P-Wiki - A lot of helpful information on installing and using Aktie.

Aktie changelog on I2P-Wiki - A copy of the change notes.

Aktie pool on Postman's tracker - Since version 0.4.6, torrents with new releases and sources are added to this torrent pool.

Aktie release signing public key - Since version 0.4.11 all releases are signed by the developers with this key.

Aktie downloads - Direct download of Aktie releases, sources, signatures, keys and torrents.For releases and sources, please prefer download via torrent.

Latest release

Executable JAR
JAR signature
Source code
JAR SHA256 and change notes
Contained in torrent

Direct download

Update to i2p 0.9.32-0

Verifying an Aktie JAR using the signature and release signing key

1. Download the release signing public key aktiedev.asc
2. Install the GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG, CLEARNET link). For most Linux distros, it can be installed as package gnupg.
3. Import the release signing public key using this shell command once: gpg --import aktiedev.asc
4. Verify the JAR file for version x.y.z using the signature: gpg --verify aktie_x.y.z.jar.sig aktie_x.y.z.jar
5. It should tell you: Good signature from "aktiedev"

Starting Aktie

In a shell, run the command: java -jar aktie_x.y.z.jar
It will create the directory aktie_run_dir with all necessary files and the local database and start the Aktie GUI.

Running Aktie for the first time

The first time that you start Aktie, you will need some patience until you are connected to the network and until you start receiving the first pieces of information on available content.
Also once you have subscribed to communities, see content and want to add your own posts or files be aware of the following: In order to avoid spamming of users, Aktie computes a so-called hash payment (a proof CPU of work) for each published item. Hence, it may take some minutes for each entered item to actually appear. When you enter several posts at a time or want to share several files at a time, it takes correspondingly longer.

Connecting Aktie to an I2P router

By default, Aktie uses a build-in I2P router.
However, it can also be configured to connect to an external I2P router (either on the localhost,, or another host reachable via network) using the router's I2CP interface (default port 7654). In Aktie, use of an external router is configured via File -> I2P Options by checking Only use external router and filling in the relevant router connection information. The I2CP interface of the router can be controlled by opening the router console (default port 7657) in the browser and opening I2P INTERNALS -> I2CP.

Updating Aktie

Aktie downloads in-net updates from the news community which are applied to the Aktie directory upon next restart of Aktie. Updating can be forced by starting Aktie with a newer version of the Aktie JAR file.

Most frequented communities in Aktie (as of 2017-10-30)

You may want to subscribe to these communities if you want to find posts and files. Since everyone can create communities in Aktie, there are a number of empty ones. So do not be disappointed, if you subscribe to other communities and neither posts nor files appear there.
put test posts here please
aktie questions
developer chat - aktie technical discussions
request memberships here
Pron focused on lovely ladies with large lovesacks of luxious goodness
Pee & Poop
Watersport - Scat - ABDL - Related Stuff
Real life stuff and snuff similar to that found on clearnet website
# Aktie
# Aktie Community
720p + 1080p
Movies and TV
i2p chat

Building Aktie from source using Eclipse IDE

To build Aktie yourself, perform the following steps:
  1. Get and install the Java SDK or OpenJDK and Eclipse IDE from the internet.
  2. Extract the Aktie source archive into your Eclipse workspace using File -> Import -> General -> Existing Projects into Workspace and selecting the Aktie source directory as root directory.
  3. Download the Eclipse SWT source swt-*.jar (Java GUI toolkit from Eclipse project) matching your operating system and architecture from the Eclipse project home page (as of Aktie 0.5.21 you need to get the not very recent version 4.5.2 from clearnet)
  4. Extract the Eclipse SWT source into a newly created directory org.eclipse.swt in your workspace.
  5. Import the SWT project as you did with the Aktie project.
  6. In the Project Explorer on the left hand side, right-click on the Aktie project and select Build Path -> Configure Build Path....
  7. Verify that Java Build Path -> Projects tap signals you that org.eclipse.swt is alright (no red cross).
  8. Expand the Aktie project tree and right-click on build.xml.
  9. Select Run As -> Ant Build and you should see some output in the log pane telling you the Ant build is running and that finally the JAR has successfully been build.
  10. Now you should find your self-build aktie.jar in the Aktie project directory in the workspace.

Questions and feedback

Please post questions and feedback regarding this eepsite in Aktie community <izSJU=>.